The Toronto Urban Climate Change Network (TUCCN)

We are a network comprised of Toronto’s leading government, academic, and environmental organizations involved in the research of climate change specific to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This website provides a forum for a Community of Practice, for sharing resources and information among TUCCN members and the general public.

Statements on Impacts & Adaptation

Toronto has experienced a wide range of extreme climate events over the past few years, including heat waves, severe precipitation events, windstorms, and drought, leading to significant impacts on our ecosystems, water resources, critical infrastructure, and human health. Many of these changes and impacts are consistent with climate change projections which include more severe precipitation events, longer and more frequent droughts, and more pronounced summer heat waves, among others. Average temperatures across Ontario for example could increase by 2.0ºC (from 1961-1990) by 2020, 3.5ºC by 2050 and almost 5.5ºC by 2080. It is also now fairly evident that past climate will no longer be a good indicator of climate change conditions, and that historical design standards may be insufficient to accommodate more extreme events in the future.

Preparedness and adaptation to these impacts must therefore become an integral part of a climate change response strategy along with mitigation. Understanding impacts, vulnerabilities, and the risks associated with a changing climate needs to be included in the development of adaptation strategies that will prepare Toronto and its residents for changes in average climate conditions and extreme weather events over the next five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred years and beyond.

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